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Kings X & Galactic Cowboys

Feb 11 1999,Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia PA

After sitting through two local Philie bands, the audience was ready for the harmonic rock of the Galactic Cowboys. They certainly did not disapoint the anxious audience as they went through a live show of new stuff off their past two albums,At The End Of The Day & The Horse That Bud Bought, as well as many old favorites such as "About Mrs. Leslie", "Evil Twin" and "If I were a killer." Fans of the Galactic Cowboys certainly got their moneys worths with this great concert.

After about a 20 minute intermission, The trio from Texas exploded on to the stage, ripping through "Welcome to the Groove Machine" off the latest release, Tape Head. Kings X contiued to satisfy both old and new fans as they proceeded to play at least one song from every Kings X album. Classic favorites like "Goldilox" off Out Out Of The Silent Planet delighted the loyal audience.

Doug, Ty and Jerry played like a band that had been together for over 10 years. Oh wait, they have been together for over 10 years. And it certainly showed. It was like they could read each others mind as they proceeded in perfect timing through their songs.

The highlight of the entire concert came at the very end as Kings X closed with the classic "Over My Head" off Gretchen Goes To Nebraska. The 12 minute version of the song had the audience singing along with lead vocalist Doug Pinnick and moving vigerously to the well know guitar rift of the song. A song written about his grandmother, it was clear that this song held deep feelings with Doug. But like all good concerts, they must come to an end. Or do they? After some loud encouragement Kings X came out one more time for a three song encore that rocked the house. Kings X at the Trocadero was Definately on my TOP 5 concert list of all time.